There is a place within us all that contains the essence of the life we desire to live.
Sometimes you touch it, graze it, or move past it.
But what if you dwelled in that space?
What if you lived in the space of your heart’s desires?
What if your life took on the spirit of your heart’s grace?
What if your future self became your present self?
Imagine what that would feel like.

It would be the sound of heaven touching earth...
— Elana Kilkenny

Enter the space of your heart's desires...

Intuitive Counseling

You have a dream. It is a dream of an awakened life. A life in which you wake up inspired. A life in which your dreams inhabit your reality. A love-filled life. An abundant life. A happy life. We all have patterns that support our vision and patterns that challenge them. Intuitive Counseling sessions are psychically guided to provide you with clarity, guidance and support to go back into your life and create your heart's vision. Your session will assist you to live your most empowered, whole-hearted, and joyous life.

sacred space design:
sacred business

When you are inspired, nourished, and given room to create in your work environment you rise to new heights of creativity, productivity and abundance. Whether you own your own business, work in an office, or want to create designated space in your home to work, Sacred Business Design can assist you to bring empowering and transformative beauty to your vocation.

Sacred Space Design:
sacred home

Sacred Space, expressed as Sacred Home, is ultimately a state of grace between the interior world within you and the external environment that you live in. Sessions combine a synthesis of my psychic gifts as an Intuitive Counselor, interior design, and Feng Shui techniques. By engaging in a dialogue between your heart and soul, your home and the universe, you will experience deep and meaningful changes in your life that are imbued with practical magic.

sacred space design:
space clearing & Blessing

Where you put your energy grows... Getting clarity about where you desire to put your energy is vital for manifesting what you desire. Where we live and work contain the energy of both our past and present as well as holding space for our future. As we get clearer about what we want to experience, we can clear out our space to make room for our dreams. And blessings will follow...