What if your home became a sacred haven of inspiration, nourishment and beauty?

How would your home be different...

How would your life be different...

SACRED Space DESIGN: Sacred home

Sacred Home Design consultations offer an intuitive, transformational and aesthetic approach to assist you to create a home designed to beautifully uplift your space, to fully nourish who you are today, and help you manifest your dreams for the future. 

I will provide you with an intuitive reading of your home and help you shift the energy of your environment via specific suggestions around placement, decor, and alignment of your space to your goals and dreams. These transformational sessions are a sacred alchemy of intuitive guidance for your life and home, interior design styling and Feng Shui techniques.

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Change your home, change your life...

the alchemy of sacred HOME design

intuitive Reading Of Your Home and Your Life

We begin your Sacred Home Design process with a psychically-based reading of how your home and your life intersect, challenge one another, nourish one another, and how your home can positively impact your future by being a catalyst for your dreams to come into fruition.

Interior Design Styling Of Your Home

  • We can start from scratch and I can design your whole home...

  • We can begin with designing a room that needs some tender loving care.

  • We can create a design that integrates pieces you already own and love with a fresh dose of sacred beauty.

  • We can laser-focus on suggestions for you to make changes in your home, you design your home with me as intuitive-design guide...

Some Feng Shui Good Chi

I began my work in Sacred Space Design in Feng Shui. I trained in a highly esteemed multi-year Feng Shui Masters Program. Over the past 17 years I've honed my design offerings to always lead with an intuitively-based reading of your home and your life, from there if it feels beneficial to include some Feng Shui techniques and concepts, I weave them in seamlessly to our work together. We will layer symbolic design elements deeply imbued with meaning and beauty into your home to enhance the different areas of your life, we will do so using a sophisticated design palette that reflects who you are rather than a traditional Feng Shui aesthetic.

how do You know when You need sacred home design?

The simple answer to that is that we could all benefit from a sacred space of our own -- a safe haven to replenish, to rejuvenate and to support who we are and who we are becoming. From experience, I have found that most people come to a place of creating sacred space in their homes because they are in the midst of a transition or challenge, feeling stressed, disconnected, or stuck in some aspect of their life.

But we need not wait until something is ‘wrong’ in our life to create our own sacred space; in fact, the act of self-nourishment as a way of life is a rich gift we can give ourselves anytime. We often can’t control our external environments such as our work or neighborhood, but it is within our power to change our home environment. In doing so, the quality of our lives both inside our home and out in the world is enhanced and deepened.

how do we begin?

We begin with your desire.

Is it a desire for a complete re-imagining of your whole home? Is there a room that's particularly whispering to you for some beautiful evolution? Are you jazzed to design your own home but want to connect that design to your heart and soul and need some assistance with the intuitive alchemy of that transformation as well as some design guidance? Are you not sure what you want?

Wherever you are in your clarity about what you want, we begin there.

In practical terms that means that you begin by contacting me about what's calling to you to shift in your home. From there we can discuss the different options on how to proceed.

Most of my clients work with me over time, as homes aren't designed in one day. But we always begin with an initial session in your home that provides your with a treasure trove of guidance and it's own complete arc.


what is the cost of Sacred HOME Design?

As you can see there are many different levels of design that we can engage in together. The cost of my Sacred Home Design services is project-based.

When you first contact me about working together, we will go over what type of services would best support your needs and dreams. The design process usually involves a mix of in-person sessions, shopping trips, and Pinterest board work to help you achieve your desired vision.

Sacred Home Design services are richly packed with expert guidance that will not only make your home beautiful, it will also connect you to the heartbeat of your dreams.

Once we discuss what type of Sacred Home Design services would nourish you and your home most deeply, we will schedule your first session. At the time of scheduling, I will email you an invoice for your session. Payment is required to confirm your session.

what locations are sacred Home DESIGN available in?

Sacred Home Design consultations are offered in-person in NYC and the surrounding areas. In-person consultations in other locations can also be discussed. Please note that travel fees will apply depending on your location.

We can also discuss the possibility of working together via Skype, in this way regardless of where you are in the world there may be a way for us to work together.

Can I get a better sense of your design sensibility?

For a Sacred Home Design portfolio of some of my current and past homes that I have designed for clients please visit my PORTFOLIO page.

You can also follow me on INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST to get a better sense of my design aesthetic and get a better overall sense of my design sensibility.



Learn more about what this experience can be like for you, visit my PRAISE page for testimonials from some of my beloved Sacred Home Design clients. There you can breathe in a deeper sense of what this process would be like for you and your home.

You can also visit my PRESS page for media stories about Sacred Home Design filled with tips, inspiration and practical magic!


how can i schedule my sacred home session?

To schedule your Sacred Home Session, please go to my Contact page and follow the "To Schedule Your Sacred Space Design Session" instructions. I greatly look forward to helping you come home to your sacred space.

Put down the patchouli and set aside any images of what traditional feng shui might call to mind: Interior designer and sacred-space stylist Elana Kilkenny is integrating mind, spirit and home with a focus on design that’s high-end and holistic, beautiful and mindful.
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