What if the space where you work inspired and nourished not only the work that you do, but also your heart and soul?

What if your business environment was one in which your employees were motivated to create their best work on behalf of themselves and your company?

What if that environment supported your business and your workers to thrive?

What if...

SACRED Business design

When you are inspired, nourished, and given room to create in your work environment you rise to new heights of creativity, productivity and abundance. Whether you own your own business, work in an office, or want to create designated space in your home to work, Sacred Business Design can assist you to bring empowering and transformative beauty to your vocation.

who is this for?

Whether you own a small, medium or large business, we can customize a package that best serves your vision for your space and fuels your goals for your business as a whole.

I work with you at whatever stage you are at designing your business environment.

  • Assisting you with intuitively-based Feng Shui assistance to find your new office/business space.
  • Refreshing, updating or completely re-envisioning your current space.
  • Helping you with the design of a new office/business space.
  • You feel you would benefit from an intuitive reading of your business or office space and are unsure of how much design work you want to engage in.
  • You are not looking for design assistance, but you are interested in a Space Clearing and Blessing of your office or business.

What Type of services are Available?

While each package is customized to meet the specific needs of your business, below is a sampling of what types of Sacred Business Design services are available.

  • An intuitive analysis and reading of your business and space. We will go over what would support you and your business both in terms of your work environment, design, and your business as a whole.
  • I will weave that intuitive guidance and analysis into interior design suggestions for your space that are beautiful, functional, and energetically in-line with your vision.

    In other words, I will offer you design solutions that have the aesthetic style and quality you are looking for. Within that design I will layer symbolic meaning that reflects back the qualities that you are looking to enhance in your business.
  • Depending on what stage you are at in locating, building or designing your office or business; I can assist you to ascertain what new business space is best for you and your company, assist you with suggestions to integrate with your work with your architect and/or contractor, and help you design your space.
  • We can powerfully weave into the design and floorplan-placement process elements that will support, nourish and inspire all who work in your office or business.
  • If you have clients, patients, or customers that come to your place of business, we can also integrate into the design process different elements to appeal to and connect with them in ways that enhance their experience in your business space and positively influence the way they feel about your company.
  • You are not looking for design help per se, but you are wanting to shift the energy of your business environment, we can discuss how a Space Clearing and Blessing could be of benefit.

what is the "sacred Space" Aspect of Sacred Business Design?

The "sacred space" part of our design process is all about imbuing your business environment with layers of symbolic meaning, inspiration and beauty that speak to the heart of your vision for your company at this time and for the future. It is where we align your vision and values for your company to create a beautiful, functional and meaningful space. This part of the design process is where heaven meets earth...

Photo Nov 17, 8 43 26 PM.jpg

what is the "Feng Shui" Aspect of these services?

Feng Shui is the ancient art of placement that helps you to arrange office environment so that your business is harmonious and your dreams and goals for your business are realized to their fullest.

I began my design career in the late 1990's by engaging in a multi-year training course in Feng Shui. While I studied traditional Feng Shui, my approach has evolved over the years to be integrated with my gifts as an intuitive and design stylist. In other words, when I work with you I tune-in psychically to what is best for you, your business and your space. I bring a modern, eclectic and sophisticated interior design sensibility to Sacred Business Design as opposed to a traditional Feng Shui aesthetic. Think more Domino Magazine, One Kings Lane and ABC Carpet and Home than windchimes.

Feng Shui techniques are a part of the "tool box" that I use as we fold into our work together design elements geared to enhance the different goals you have for your business such as profitability, teamwork and motivation.

Do you design home offices?

Yes, I do.

Whether you work exclusively from your home or want a designated space in your home for occasional work, we can design a package to meet your needs. Contact me to discuss how we can create a home office to suit your needs and inspire you daily.

Home Office in NJ.jpg

what is the cost of Sacred business Design?

As you can see, there are many different ways that we can work together. The cost of my Sacred Business Design services are project-based.

I listen very intently to your needs and am very honoring of budget. When you first contact me about working together we can go over what type of design package would work best for you. I typically do a mix of in-person sessions, shopping trips, and Pinterest board work with you to achieve your desired vision.

Once we discuss what design package would be most beneficial for you, we will schedule your first session. At the time of scheduling, I will email you an invoice for your session. Payment is required to confirm your session.

what locations are sacred business Design available in?

Sacred Business Design consultations are offered in-person in NYC and the surrounding areas. In-person consultations in other locations can also be discussed. Please note that travel fees will apply depending on your location.

We can also discuss the possibility of working together via Skype, regardless of where you are in the world, let's figure out a way to work together.

Can I get a better sense of your design sensibility?

For a Sacred Business Design portfolio of some of the businesses that I have designed for clients please visit my PORTFOLIO page.

You can also follow me on PINTEREST to see the evolution of some of my client projects (some of my design projects are not there as we are doing private boards) and get a better overall sense of design sensibility.

how can i schedule my sacred Business Design consultation?

Email me at info@elanakilkenny.com or go to my CONTACT page and fill-out the form to schedule your consultation and for more information.

When we are in a space of inspiration. anything is possible. When we are in a space of respect, we thrive. When we are in a space of beauty, we soar. When we are in a space imbued with soul, we rise. And when we rise, our work rises with us.
— Elana Kilkenny
"Your Work Is A Gift" by  James Victore

"Your Work Is A Gift" by James Victore