Praise for Intuitive Counseling Sessions with Elana

"Elana Kilkenny does a majority of her readings in her space on Manhattan’s Upper West Side—a beautiful and quiet respite from the bustle of the city. The ability to focus, free from distractions is key, as the time is essentially a life coaching session, where Elana crafts a plan based on what she intuits about where you are in life (and what your spirit guides tell her). She is highly specific, and will give you actionable advice to implement throughout the day, so the whole experience feels satisfying and grounded rather than vague and intangible."

GOOP:  A lifestyle brand with its roots in content across six key pillars: Wellness, Travel, Food, Beauty, Style, and Work.

“I have been working with Elana via a series of Intuitive Counseling sessions and she's flipped my world around in the best way possible. She is so great to talk, vent, cry, and wholeheartedly express every emotion I'm dealing with. She makes me feel better, grateful and excited for what's to come down the line, whether it's about love, family, work, finances, health, etc.

Elana has helped put my mind at ease in so many ways by caring, ALOT. She'll read or listen to something on a random day and email it to me because she knows it will make feel better. It's the little things like that she does to show she's invested in my well being. This journey with her has helped me learn and grow to be the best potential I am supposed to be. Can't thank her enough for being there for me, she's the Real Deal!”

Priscilla Mui: Account Director

“An Intuitive Counseling Session with Elana is one of the best gifts I can give myself. She allows me to gain clarity about what is really going on in my life, and I carry the lessons from our time together for the days and months that follow. Elana is a blessed teacher and a gifted listener."

Charlotte Kaiser Weinberg : Mother of three and Writer about Food, Arts & Culture

"I first met with Elana more than ten years ago, when the life I was living was falling way short of the one I longed for. Elana helped me to witness the patterns that were holding me back - to see them with a new perspective - and gave me the tools to build a better life: spiritually, mentally and physically. The insight she gave me literally changed my life forever and set me on an incredible evolutionary path, that has benefited my relationships, my creativity, my work and my daily life for well over a decade.

I recently circled back to Elana when I was facing my latest crisis - a lack of confidence that had reared its ugly head regarding my success, creativity and self worth. Within a couple of sessions, Elana had dug me out of this hole and had me standing on the mountain of dirt looking around with a renewed perspective. This recent re-engagement once again dramatically changed my life, welcoming in abundant confidence, creativity and boundless success.

I am so grateful to have such a powerful mentor and guide in my life and I can’t recommend Elana enough. I wish all of my friends could see her and share in the incredible benefits that her intuition, perspective, guidance and healing hands have brought me."

Pete White : Designer

"Everyone has moments in life when things are upside down and we lose sight of the light. Elana's Intuitive Counseling sessions set you right side up and pull back the curtains to bring that light right back where it belongs. And then she gives you one of her beautiful knowing smiles and you know it's all going to be okay."

Carmindy Bowyer : Makeup Artist, Beauty Expert from TLC's What Not To Wear, and Author

“Elana has a unique and mind-blowing ability to tap into the intuitive world, coupled with very wise and practical coaching. She uses this valuable combination to guide her clients through stubborn and longstanding roadblocks in their lives. In my experience, the root cause of the road blocks can be totally surprising and spot on.

After a two year bout of NOT being able to fall asleep at night, and in a state of despair, I worked with Elana via her Intuitive Counseling offerings. Her questions, guided by her intuition, were different than what you might expect with a therapist. Elana is guided by her clients' "spirit guides". I sleep like a teenager again thanks to Elana!

Based on my experience, whether a client believes in "spirit guides" or not is irrelevant, as Elana's guidance is so remarkably specific, spot-on and potent. Most importantly, her questions and suggestions are informed by her incredible intuition.

She worked with me to gently surface experiences that I was holding on to that I never, ever would have considered to be part of the sleep issue. She asked what I considered to be unusual questions, listened very carefully and made suggestions...gently but assuredly.  Elana always left me feeling incredibly supported, understood and calm. Most incredibly, my sleep issues were resolved. Completely. I still can't believe it!"

Barbara Hockstader : Vice President, Project Strategy at The Energy Project

“Working with Elana has given me the precious gifts of both being seen and being believed in. Elana has helped me unearth parts of myself I’d closed off long ago, helping me to become more authentically myself in the process. Elana matches her intuitive gifts with useful practical advice to help you not just imagine your best life but also start actually living it.”

Erica Toth: Managing Director of SHM

"I have greatly benefited from the gift of Elana's intuitive counseling sessions. Elana's grounded psychic guidance assisted me in creating a road map for my next life steps during a difficult life transition. I can honestly say my life has changed for the better; I have made empowering changes, shifted from outdated patterns and see my world from a more magical perspective since I started working with Elana."

Jen Taylor: Social Worker

"I initially met Elana during a particularly challenging time of my life. We met regularly for quite some time, in-person as well as on the phone. Her healing energy, intuitive talents and kind and warm demeanor took me to the other side of this difficult time. Elana’s gifts did not end in these sessions. She gave me tools to use in case these challenges should arise again. I have hosted several sessions with groups of friends and colleagues who have found Elana equally as talented and gifted. She is a blessing to anyone who is lucky enough to come in contact with her."

Marilena Greig : Aflac Broker Services

"I came to work with Elana out of a series of synchronistic events. Us meeting and working together ultimately led me to live the life I was meant to live. I had been at a crossroads on a professional and personal level; working a corporate job that paid well but wasn't "me" and in an unsupportive relationship. The emotional turmoil was pretty heavy and I was having a hard time discerning what was me and what was not. Elana helped me gain clarity and develop the trust in myself and something bigger in order to facilitate the leap that was best for me.

I remember being very comfortable with her from the beginning. Our time together was always a memorable experience where I learned and grew a lot. It helped light up parts of myself that had fallen asleep and taught me to honor the unseen as something real and concrete, but also mysterious and beautiful.

Beyond those transitional years, the work has stayed with me in many ways. Personally, I hold an expanded space for creativity and intuitive living. Professionally, she set an ethical example of how to work with genuine love, care and professionalism.

I appreciate Elana's long-term dedication to the work as well as her personal integrity, as she is just as lovely in everyday life as she is in a professional setting. She lives and breathes her teachings everyday and is a constant reminder of how wise and sacred living can show up in day to day life."

Taryn Hughes : Mind-Body Therapist

“Elana is a compassionate, intuitive and deeply loving woman. She is a talented intuitive and very gifted healer/counselor. I have found her to be supportive and very joyful to work with, and her insights into my personal growth and overall life journey have been encouraging and inspiring. I recommend Elana to anyone who would like loving, joyful and insightful support and wisdom as their unique life journey unfolds.”

Rebecca Schweiger: Founder/CEO of The Art Studio NY

"My teacher and my mentor...Elana has been an integral part of my journey towards healing and wholeness for over a decade. She has lovingly guided me to transform my core interior to embody the woman I am today. Her sessions are extremely nurturing, supportive and yes, very intuitive. Her sense of calm and groundedness has helped me to stay present amidst the landscape of my life and the events that have unfolded and continue to do so. Whenever we meet for a session, I leave with a renewed sense of self and possibility. Her words continue to reverberate within, almost daily."

Denise Brandi : Intuitive Fitness and Yoga Teacher

Praise for Sacred Space Design with Elana

"I moved into a new apartment with little clue on how to furnish or decorate my new space. Elana has helped me create the most beautiful, energizing space that is both functional and practical AND matches up with my personal desires and life path. You can hire any interior designer to create a beautiful home, but Elana tunes into your heart, soul, and dreams and then weaves it all together. She’ll often say that her goal is to create 'practical magic,' a phrase I didn’t fully understand until I felt my new apartment evolve into a home."

Karen Leavitt : Educational Media Consultant

"Working with Elana on various Sacred Space Design projects over the past ten years has been extraordinary. She has greatly increased our enjoyment of our home both aesthetically and energetically. Elana’s gorgeous sense of style, materials, and color translate into beauty, originality, and functionality in the home. Her process involves intuitive readings that support her clients at a deep level. Working with Elana in person is a treat because she tunes into the energy of the home, but we’ve also worked successfully on design projects remotely, including a yoga and art studio. I get so many compliments on my home and studio and really all the credit goes to Elana."

Claude Winn : Artist and Yoga Teacher

"When I bought a wonderful little cottage on a mountain in the Catskills that had not been touched since the 70's, I immediately sought Elana's Sacred Space Design help. Her impeccable aesthetic sense, knowledge of Feng Shui, and extraordinary ability to "tune in" to me enabled us to form a working partnership that produced great results in my home and in my life. She is simply wonderful."

Kathie Calabrese : Psychotherapist

Praise for Workshops with Elana

“I have had the great fortune of meeting Elana six years ago through a mutual artist friend. I was hosting a few friends for my 46th birthday and I knew I wanted to create vision boards, but I also wanted to add another unique spiritual element.

So I hired Elana to come to my party and to facilitate the vision board-making and also give mini-readings to myself and my friends. It was an incredible evening of warm and intimate celebrating mixed with magic and manifesting!

My friends and I talked about it for months and years afterwards, particularly how Elana was spot on with where all of us were in our personal journeys.

A particularly incredible part of Elana's plan that evening, was that she had us write personal notes to our future-selves in the months to come. We sealed them in a stamped/self-addressed envelopes and Elana took our notes home with her. Amazingly, Elana sent our cards to each of us, when she intuitively knew our written words had come to fruition.

I can speak for all of us when I say, she really has a gift! I had written in my note, that I would be working in my own art studio with beautiful light and at the time, I had no prospects of any kind of art studio of my own, but, I had planted the seed. Literally 6-months later, not only had I paid for my first months rent for my own studio, but, the card came in the mail a few weeks later!

I loved this birthday so much, that I recently hosted a reboot of the same exact celebration and it was just as magical if not more!

Elana is Wonderful, Engaging, Warm and Professional!

I have worked with her one-on-one as well and always leave with a fresh perspective of new ideas to ponder and put into action. I can't recommend working with Elana enough-she is the alchemy queen!”

Emily Klima: Visual Artist

"A few days after a fateful meeting with Elana in a flower shop, I found myself at a workshop in her beautiful place filled with light and warmth, just like Elana herself.  Throughout the day Elana guided me through the areas in my life that I had voiced a need to address, but most impressively to me, she also saw the deeper struggles that I was not vocalizing and gently, lovingly brought them to light. What impressed and surprised me most about the workshop, was that apart from the wonderful feeling of being understood, Elana gave me practical advice and exercises that I could incorporate into my life to help me create actual, lasting change. Elana is incredibly generous with her energy and her time and more than a year later, the workshop remains one of the most significant and thought-shifting experiences of my life."

Masha Vapnitchnaia : Travel & Lifestyle Writer

"I’ve had the joy and privilege of working with Elana in several ways over the years both individually and in group workshops. She astonishes me with her ability to strike at the heart of what is going on in my life and to articulate guidance in a clear, dramatic, inspiring, actionable and open-hearted way. I’m a writer – and I was stuck. At our evening session, her guides spoke of my getting back to the “elemental Beth.” By the next morning, I was unstuck. And I repeatedly hearken back to that phrase, it’s become a touchstone for me. That’s one small example of her light. Once she’s in your life, she never stops shining her light there."

Beth Blatt : Writer/Founder & CEO Hope Sings

"Elana is masterful. She has such an exquisite gift and was born to share it with the world. After receiving her intuitive guidance in her workshop, I went home, sat in my bedroom and realized I needed more space in my bedroom. This is not only the room where I sleep and am intimate with my partner, but my cluttered closet and dresser were also within the Feng Shui creativity section of my home.

Also during the workshop with Elana she intuitively knew that my desire to 'sing' included a desire to share my voice - in all forms - with the world. I'd created a book proposal, pitched it to my dream publisher and they said it's great, but that my following needs to be bigger so I had been working really hard to put myself out into the world, often feeling overwhelmed and drained. Elana invited me to purchase something that embodied my biggest fears - and of course my biggest dreams - as a reminder and encouragement to keep going. So after I cleared the space in my bedroom and creativity area I found the perfect figurine of a girl singing. She was all I desired and feared most for myself: complete vulnerability, power through voice and full embodiment of femininity including innocence, sensuality and motherhood.

Along with the space I created physically and my totem, all of a sudden all that I was waiting for to continue writing and finish my book arrived. Private clients fell away so I had more space in my calendar, my boyfriend cleaned out the clutter from our home office and bought me a new white writing chair and I've written every day this week and am continuing strong.

Elana is a catalyst for positive change and transformation. I am beyond grateful for her insight and encouragement."

Kelsey Fox Bennet: Healer and Self-Love/Mindfulness Coach and Educator

With deep gratitude for your sacred trust...thank you.
xoxo Elana

Photo by Catherine Just

Photo by Catherine Just