When we share our hearts within a sacred circle, magic unfolds and miracles unfurl...

Sacred Circle: Intuitive Group Workshops

What will I receive?

Group workshops are 2.5-3 hour sessions in which I guide group work, intuitive insights and heart connection among 10 participants. The group dynamic contributes to a guided message around common themes specific to the alchemy of those who have gathered. Each participant also receives one-on-one intuitive guidance within the group setting.

Each workshop has it's own innate magic that emanates from the chemistry of those gathered. Participants not only receive the benefit of their own personal reading within the group, they also receive the deep nourishment of hearing messages given to others in the workshop that will often move their own hearts and lives.

How does it work?

  • You either host a workshop at your home or business or you can coordinate with your friend/s or company to host a workshop at their home or space.
  • You gather your friends, family and/or colleagues to participate in this experiential workshop.
  • These workshops are inspiring, empowering and nourishing for those who participate. They also have the added benefit of bringing beautiful, uplifting and healing energy to the space in which it is hosted.
  • Workshops have a maximum of 10 people.
  • Workshops are available on either weekdays or weekends (depending on my schedule availability).
  • To discuss and schedule your Sacred Circle: Intuitive Group Workshop email me at info@elanakilkenny.com or through my Contact page.


  1. What geographic locations can these workshops take place in?
    Generally, these workshops take place in or around NYC. However, if you want to host a workshop outside of these areas email me at info@elanakilkenny.com to see what we can make happen. Additional travel fees may apply.
  2. Can we customize a workshop?
    Yes, we can. We can customize your workshop based on a particular topic, life event, etc. For instance, workshops can be customized for engagements, Mother or Father's day, baby showers, Valentine's Day, etc.

    Specific topics can range from parenthood, relationships, engagement, sacred space or sacred home design, abundance, spring renewal, New Year's vision, etc.
  3. What is the cost per person to participate in the workshop?
    The fee per person varies depending on how we customize the event and based on location. As a reference point, if your workshop is held in Manhattan, the fee-range begins at $125 per person.
  4. When is payment due for participants?
    Payment is due by a pre-arranged date before the day of the workshop. Payment is due via Venmo, Chase Quickpay or PayPal.
  5. Are there any refunds on the workshop?
    There are no refunds on purchased tickets to a workshop. However, if you want to transfer your "seat" to someone else, you can contact me and we can see if this is possible (it also depends on the approval of the workshop host).
  6. Is there a minimum amount of people needed to do a workshop?
    Yes, there is always a minimum amount of people needed to do a workshop, that number depends on how we customize the event.
  7. Does the host have to serve anything at the event?
    Often hosts will choose to provide some food and refreshments at the workshop. This can range from anything from light snacks, dessert, to something more substantial. What is served often depends on the time of day that the event is scheduled for. Food can either be served before the start time of the actual workshop or can be available for self-serving during the workshop. What is served can be as casual or as fancy as the host desires...it's all about nourishment.
  8. What if participants have questions after the session?
    If participants want to dive deeper into any of the guidance they receive in the workshop or have more questions, they can schedule a follow-up individual Intuitive Counseling Session.


I'm In! What's the next step to schedule a workshop?

Contact me at info@elanakilkenny.com or via my Contact page to discuss and schedule your Sacred Circle: Intuitive Group Workshop.

Photo taken at ABC Carpet & Home

Photo taken at ABC Carpet & Home