There is a space between the past, the present and the future.

We live in that space. Literally and figuratively.

Make that space sacred...

Honor the past while letting go of what no longer serves you. Dwell in your present with deep presence and whole-hearted receptivity. Greet your future with a song in your heart for what’s coming.

Open your arms, your future begins now...


Is it time for you to shift the energy of your home or office to support and inspire you more fully?

Whether you are moving into a new space either physically or emotionally in your life, experiencing a heaviness or blockage in your environment, or simply feel like your space could use some freshening up; a Space Clearing and Blessing is not only a powerful way to revitalize your space but also to help re-align your own energy.

As you are as unique as your environment, our time together will incorporate intuitive guidance of what specifically needs to be cleared in your space and will often include specific suggestions on how to shift your environment beyond our time together to further enhance your experience there.

While we usually will smudge (think sage, cedar, and/or palo santo) your home, your space clearing goes deeper into the energy of what needs to be healed and possibly cleared. For while smudging is an incredibly potent, sacred and effective way to clear a space, the process of clearing goes much deeper into the heart of intention.

In your session, I will tune in psychically to your home or office and personalize a clearing ritual and blessing that helps you connect more deeply and profoundly to your intentions and vision for your space and for your life. We will also layer your intentions into the energy of the space itself.

I will also tune-in to see if there are any energies that need to be cleared from the space that have been accumulated from predecessors or from things that have been experienced during your time in the space that needs some help being released.

There is no one size fits all here, your Space Clearing & Blessing will be intuitively customized to best support you.

As we get closer to your session, you will receive a guided list of items to gather and/or a written assignment before your session to bring more focus, energy and transformative power to what you want to let go of and what you wish to welcome in. My clients have told me that this is one of their favorite parts of the session as it is often a very powerful and moving piece of the process.

While it is important to shift that which might be challenging you in your space, it is also vital to incorporate the blessing energy of what type of energy and experiences you do want to experience both in your environment and in your life. The Blessing component of our time together will bring the process full circle from that which you want to clear to that which you want to embrace.

Pricing is project-based.