Mother's Day: Gifts To Thrive

In honor of Mother's Day, I'm offering 15% off all of my Intuitive Counseling Sessions purchased by Sunday, May 12th.

For that someone special in your life...

Whose heart would shine brighter with some soul nourishment...

Whose mind would be more at peace with some clarity...

Whose life would flow with more ease with some guidance...

Whose spirit could use some lifting...

Whose desire is to thrive...

This gift could be for your mother, a mother figure in your life or for anyone you love. This gift could be for someone else or it could be for magnificent YOU...

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15% Off Intuitive Counseling Sessions (For Individuals)

Intuitive Counseling Sessions for provide you with empowering psychic guidance to help you achieve clarity in terms of your vision for your life and the obstacles and patterns that are getting in the way of you living that vision.

While clarity is golden, in order to make sustainable and uplifting change in your life and create authentic momentum, you need more than just clarity. To meet that grounded and realistic need, you'll also receive practical and specific guidance on how to go back into your life to integrate the guidance you receive to assist you to thrive!

Sessions are available for individuals in 90 minute and 60 minute options. They are available in-person in NYC  and worldwide via Skype.

15% Off Intuitive Counseling Sessions (For Couples/Partners)

Intuitive Counseling Sessions for Couples/Partners are beneficial two people who are in a close relationship (romantic couples, family members or business partners). During your session you will both receive clarity, direction, and tools on how to connect more deeply, authentically and wholeheartedly to one another.

Whether you need assistance with obstacles that you are currently or historically facing or you would like to enhance your relationship, these sessions offer you both a supported and sacred space to guide you both toward creating the relationship of your heart's desire.

Sessions are 90 minutes in length. Sessions are available in-person in NYC and worldwide via Skype.

15% Off Intuitive Counseling Sessions with Energy Healing

Your Intuitive Counseling w/ Energy Healing session combines the best of both worlds. It is a psychically-guided session along with a hands-on healing session.

The session begins with an intuitively-guided session to provide you with clarity, vision for your present and future, and practical feedback to go back into your life to make sustainable change in the direction of your joy. We then move into an adjacent candlelit room for the hands-on-healing part of your session. In other words, we move from a mental and emotional space of healing to a physical and spiritual space of  integration and balance.

Sessions are 2 hours in length. Sessions are only available in-person in NYC.

Who would benefit from the gift of an Intuitive Counseling Session:

  • A loved one who is going through a transition in their life (divorce, parenthood, marriage, moving, career change, loss, illness, empty nest, etc.).

  • A loved one who is feeling stuck in their life or has a lack of clarity on how to move forward.

  • A loved one who would benefit from some guidance on how to go the next level of fulfillment, expression, and joy in their relationships, career, emotional well-being and vitality.

  • A loved one who could use some clarity and positive momentum.

  • A loved one that is in a relationship that they are feeling challenged by or would like to deepen. (Individual and Couples/Partners Sessions are available, see session options above for details.)

  • A loved one who has some important decision/s to make and can use some clarity and support.

Here's What Clients Are Saying About Intuitive Counseling Sessions:
"The insight Elana gave me literally changed my life forever and set me on an incredible evolutionary path, that has benefited my relationships, my creativity, my work and my daily life for well over a decade."

Here's What goop Says About Intuitive Counseling Sessions:

"Elana crafts a plan based on what she intuits about where you are in life (and what your spirit guides tell her). She is highly specific, and will give you actionable advice to implement throughout the day, so the whole experience feels satisfying and grounded rather than vague and intangible."

Visit my Praise page for more testimonials.

gift offer details:

  • 15% off of all Intuitive Counseling Sessions when purchased by Sunday, May 12th.

  • Sessions may be scheduled within a year of purchase.

  • Multiple sessions are available for purchase for yourself and for gifts.

  • 60 or 90 minute sessions are available for individuals either in-person in NYC or via Skype (worldwide). Couples/Partners sessions are 90 minutes. Intuitive Counseling Sessions with Energy Healing are 2 hours and are only available in-person in NYC.

  • Sessions are available for purchase via Venmo, Chase Quickpay or Zelle.

  • This discount cannot be applied to any sessions or packages that have already been purchased or booked.

  • There are no refunds on purchased sessions or packages.

gift offer Pricing:

15% Off Intuitive Counseling Sessions:

  • 60 Minute Session: $250 $212.50 (Save $37.50)
  • 90 Minute Session: $350 $297.50 (Save $52.50)

  • Couples/Partners Session (90 min): $450 $382.50 (Save $67.50)

  • Intuitive Counseling w/ Energy Healing Session (2 hrs): $450 $382.50 (Save $67.50)

to purchase your gifts:

  • Contact me to purchase.

  • Please indicate:

    • Which type of Intuitive Counseling Session/s you want to purchase.

    • What length session/s you want.

    • Please let me know if any of your purchased sessions will be gifts.

    • What form of payment (for the options above under "Gift Offer Details") will you be using.

  • Once you email me this information, I will send you an email confirming the total amount for your gifts and specific and easeful payment instructions.

  • Once your payment is received, I will email you a confirmation for your gifts. And you (or the recipient/s of your gift/s) can schedule your session for any available time within a year of purchase. Schedule now or when the timing is right for you!

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