Dare to desire and create the life of your dreams...

Photo by Catherine Just.

Photo by Catherine Just.

I am an Intuitive Counselor, Sacred Space Designer, Curator of Beauty, Mother, Inspirational Writer and Speaker. I have been blessed to work for the past 14 years with a myriad of clients worldwide of diverse backgrounds and interests. The common thread that runs through all of my offerings is that I'm an empowerment psychic. My intuitive based services are not focused on prediction, as the core of my work is based on providing you with empowering intuitive guidance, clarity, inspiring support and proactive feedback to help you reconnect with your own innate magic.

My Intuitive Counseling Sessions will assist you to get clarity around who you are at your essence, to understand what patterns are getting in the way of who you want to be, and provide you with grounded intuitive feedback on how you can go back into your own life to make sustainable change in order to live a more joyous, abundant, and love-filled life.

My Sacred Space Design services assist you to create home and work environments of deep beauty, functionality, peace and joy. The guiding principle behind these sessions is to help you create home and business spaces that deeply nourish who you are now and inspires you to create the future that you desire.

I help my clients make peace with their past, love their present and ignite their future…