Give yourself now the gift of an empowered and inspired 2017...



We are in the valley now between the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and the rebooting energy of the New Year. For many of us this week is about taking a break from our busy lives to travel, to hibernate, to rejuvenate and prepare for 2017.

Our lives are busy. But are we full?

For some of us, December is energizing and full of elation, for others it is lonely and full of longing, and for yet others it is somewhere in-between both extremes. Wherever you fall in this spectrum, the odds are you don't have much time to slow down to nourish yourself this time of year, let alone take stock in the year to come. You might even feel depleted and stressed by the velocity of this time of year, even if you love the holidays.

I am one of you, this time of year is full for me and yet I find I need those moments of reflection more now than ever. Even if it is for just a moment, to slow down, to take stock, to decide what my clarifying "no's" are and what my sacred "yes's" are, and to breathe in the moment in gratitude.

I have found from my own experience and that of my beloved clients, that once January hits this Friday we will begin coming down from that drug that is December and enter a period of holiday withdrawal and New Year's enticement that will beckon us to refresh our energy and our lives.

For in January things get quiet on the festive front, and we find ourselves looking inward to decide how we want to feel and live in this new year. What worked for us in 2016, what needs to hit the road and never come back, and what of the "new" are we desiring to create and receive in 2017.  We are often so close-in on our view of ourselves, that it is easy not to see as clearly as we wish to. We often have blurred vision as to where our energy needs to go and where it needs to not go anymore.

In the spirit of the new year that is literally around the corner, I want to offer you the gift of gifting yourself. The gift of giving yourself something now to look forward to in January when you know you will be longing for clarity, guidance, an action-plan, and momentum in the direction of your dreams.

So for the first time I am offering a special "New Year, New Beginning" Intuitive Counseling Session, one customized specifically for you to initiate your New Year with your intentions.

your Gift:

  • A one hour "New Year, New Beginning" Intuitive Counseling Session to be scheduled for a time in January or February of 2017.
  • We will laser-focus our time on either a few questions you have for the new year or I can tune-in to see where you are being guided to put your energy in the new year so that you will thrive.
  • These sessions are different from my regular Intuitive Counseling Sessions that I usually offer, as these sessions are specifically psychically-guided for your first inspired steps into the new year.
  • You must purchase your "New Year, New Beginning" Intuitive Counseling Session by this January 7th.

How Will This session Benefit You or a Loved One:

  • Receive clarity, support, and practical guidance on how to shift your energy and your actions to live your dreams in 2017.
  • Begin your new year with an action and a "being" plan. There are actions you will need to take to create what you desire, but there is also a "being" component that is an internal state of feeling, thinking and embodying to live the life you desire.
  • Gift yourself something to look forward in January so that you can have "faith backed up with action" that you will go beyond a place of soon-abandoned resolutions to a place of bringing your vision to life in 2017.
  • Receive support and guidance to do what you say you are going to do in the new year.
  • Get fueled with inspiration to begin 2017 with a spirit of joy rising, soul singing, and dreams hatching.

how to purchase:

  • To purchase your "New Year, New Beginning" session for yourself and/or a loved one please click here or the button below.
  • Once I have received your payment, I will email you to schedule your session for January.
  • Please read the complete details that are on the purchase page.
  • If you have any questions please contact me at
When we step into our present with presence, our life becomes a gift...