Video: How To Be More Present This Holiday Season (Or Anytime)

During the holiday season it is easy to get swept up by the activities, stresses and to do lists that can saturate your day, drain your energy and simply stress you out during a time where you are desiring to feel more connected, joyful, peaceful and celebratory. As I too feel challenged by the "demands" that often accompany this season, I created a new video of tips that have been of great assistance to me and my clients on "How To Be More Present This Holiday Season (Or Anytime)".

In this video you will receive:

  • Specific tips on how to be more present and feel more authentic connection and joy during the holiday season or anytime of year (not just during the holidays).

  • Clarity on what may be getting in your way of feeling and being more present.

  • Guidance on how to have healthy and authentic boundaries in service of you being more present and thriving.

  • Tips on how to stretch beyond your comfort zone to engage in new experiences that you desire but may be fearful of.

Do you have any tips on how to be more present during the holiday season (or anytime of year)? Are there specific challenges you have around being present?

Please comment below to share your tips and/or challenges.  Many times, sharing can be incredibly empowering and impactful both for you and for others. I will also be responding to comments, so let's connect!

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